Youth Group Book Bingo

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Attention, Youth Group!

We are kicking off our summer Book Bingo challenge!


Here’s how it works:

Download your Bingo board here. (You will be receiving one in the mail this week, too.)

Pick a square, read the book. (We’ve included books of the Bible, so you can get started right away!)

Once you’ve completed the book, mark off the square.

You receive a prize for every “Bingo” — 5 in a row across, down, or diagonally.

Get “Coverall Bingo” (every square completed) to win the grand prize!

Bonus prizes if you submit a book review to the Youth Group News.


We’ve included a list of books you can substitute in case you can’t find the titles on the Bingo board. If there’s a book a really want to read but you just can’t get a copy, let us know! We will work with you!

We’ll check in each week on our Saturday Zoom calls. Until then, Happy Reading!


Bonus Challenge:

Read the most books by June 20th.

Must include:

2 Books of the Bible

My Heart Christ’s Home

1 Other Book on the Bingo Card

The one who meets and exceeds this list wins a pizza!