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We like giving away prizes at Youth Group.  Small prizes, big prizes, funny prizes, paper prizes, digital prizes, edible prizes — if we can give it away, we’re going to!

Here’s a list of ways you can up your prize winning game:

Participate! Join Youth Group on Zoom on Saturdays, compete in the games and challenges, send in articles and pictures for the newsletter. Show up, get rewarded.

Subscribe to texts and emails. Do you ever wonder what the “magic word” is in the Saturday texts? If you log on to Saturday Youth Group and mention it, you’ll find out! 🙂

Contribute to the Youth Group News. Every month we give away two prizes: one for article submissions and one for photo submissions. Every article and photo equals one entry into the prize drawing.

Book Bingo. You have lots of opportunities to earn prizes with our summer Book Bingo challenge! Every “bingo” (five in a row) earns you prize; “coverall bingo” (every square marked off) earns you a deluxe prize; every book review submitted to the newsletter earns you a prize. Read on, my friends!

Games. We have games every week on our Saturday Zoom calls. Games = winners = prizes.