From the Archive: Come and Stand Amazed!

Pastor Don Campbell   -  

There is little that is normal and nothing that is natural about the Incarnation. We look at a pictorial rendering of the birth of Jesus and see a baby, albeit in a rather unusual setting, a stable — nevertheless, a baby, looking like any other infant.

This birth, however, was unlike any other birth that has ever taken place on this planet in the existence of humanity. It is amazing, not for it’s setting — many babies are born under far worse conditions — but because of Who is laying there in the manger. In every way, it is unnatural and endlessly paradoxical —

– The Omnipotent One is totally weak and without any abilities or motor skills;

– The Word of Creation can now only utter the strained cries of an infant;

– The Sovereign Glory is without splendor, status, or reputation;

– The Fullness of Deity is destitute;

– The Omniscient God is rendered incapable of reasoning;

– The Eternal Creator is dependent upon a mother’s breast for life and nourishment;

– The King of the Universe must now be guarded and protected by a mortal carpenter;

– The Infinite God is bound by swaddling cloths and human skin.

Since the children have flesh and blood, He too shared in their humanity . . . in order that He might become a merciful and faithful high priest in service to God, and that He might make atonement for the sins of the people. (Hebrews 2.14,17)

Come and stand amazed, you people!


From the Bulletin Article Archives, circa 2005.