Let’s Build Another Church!

Pastor Samuel Odilatu   -  

What a joy for us to be a part of what God is doing hundreds and thousands of miles away in northern Togo among unreached people groups in the Dapaong area!

About five years ago, we had an outreach in the Gbandani village for the first time. The people were so excited that when we were concluding our visit they treated us with royalty. They were singing and dancing and clapping hands like never before. Since that time, they have desired that a church (they call it a temple) be built for them so they can continue coming together to worship God and to learn more about the message we brought to them. 


We have had some repeated visits since then. A year after that I took them a radio and a device that read the Bible in their language. Since that time they have been gathering under the tree, listening to those radios, praying and worshiping God. As a follow up visit, during the time of COVID-19, we couldn’t continue to go but a local team that we have formed continued to visit them. They went there for discipleship — still meeting under the tree — and many of them gave their lives to the Lord and were baptized, and they continued to desire that a temple be built. We promised them that we would do so as the Lord permits. I am so glad that God is moving us as a local church here at Moravia Assembly of God to partner with Adonai Partners to get this project off the ground.


Adonai Partners is seeing this location as a unique place where we can establish a base not only for a church building in this village, but also as a base for training missionaries that will be sent across that area and the region beyond because this place is so strategic and unique — it is very close to Burkina Faso where Islam has taken over the whole land. We are believing God that with the partnership of Moravia Assembly of God, Adonai Partners, and others that God will bring along, that we will start something unique that will not only give them a place of worship, but establish a base for training missionaries and pastors to bring the people closer to God’s intention for them. Amen!

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