Pastor Samuel

Pastor Samuel is our Associate Pastor. He is a West African of Nigerian origin. He graduated with a degree in Architecture from Howard University in Washington D.C. He combines his pastoral duties with his secular job as an Warranted Realty Specialist/Contracting Officer at the National Institute of Health, (NIH), in the office of Acquisition and Real Estate Contracting Branch. Pastor Samuel Odilatu is currently serving as the Vice President of Adonai Partners Inc, and one of the elders of African Christian Fellowship (ACF) – Baltimore Chapter. He is also the current Communication Director for ACF, East Region.

For the past several years, Pastor Samuel has cultivated the habit of saving his vacation time to travel to places like Sudan, Benin Republic, Togo, Nigeria, and Uganda on missions trips with African Christian Fellowship and Adonai Partners Inc. where he leads groups of other missionaries and local believers in ministering to the unreached people groups, training local pastors and missionaries, encouraging outreaches to orphanages and other less privileged individuals. Pastor Samuel and his wife Emily are blessed with five children: Prosper, Divine, Blessing, Favour, and Reward.